The Vacation Kingdom of the World

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A report from MiceChat:

A major milestone in the history of Walt Disney Productions (WDP) occured on April 30, 1969, when the company announced details for “The Vacation Kingdom of the World” in Central Florida. The announcement came from Messer. Roy O. Disney, Donn Tatum and Card Walker of Disney, Florida Governor Claude R. Kirk, Jr., and the top executives from United States Steel, RCA, the Monsanto Company, and Aerojet-General Corporation. The men stated that the resort would open in October, 1971.

Roy O. Disney began with a story about a time back in 1953 when his brother Walt started the Disneyland project. He felt “the real strength of our Company has been that Walt and the staff he built always seemed to be able to reach out and touch the heart of the public.” He stressed, “The important thing in our Company has always been sticking to the basics, and upholding the high standards and quality of our product.”

Moving east was not an easy decision. Roy said, “For many years, from Walt on down, we thought there should be only one Disneyland. But as time pas……….. continues on MiceChat.

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