A report from CNBC:

Perks offered at the Miami International Airport Hotel, located before security in one of the airport’s main concourses, include concierge baggage service from the lobby to airline check-in counters and a 20 percent discount at a nearby golf course. In September, the hotel lobby will be home to Air Margaritaville, the first airport location for Jimmy Buffett’s restaurant chain.

Elsewhere, travelers will find Hilton hotels attached to Chicago O’Hare and Boston Logan International airports and Marriott hotels at Tampa International Airport and Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport hotel is managed by Hyatt but owned by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. Amenities include an outdoor pool offering scenic runway views, and for a fee, a concierge service that will pick up your luggage in baggage claim and deliver it to your room.

At the in-terminal Fairmont Vancouver Airport at Vancouver International Airport, there’s a full-service spa, a gym with lap pool and many rooms with views of the airfield. There’s also a “fish valet” on staff to meet arriving anglers and transport their fish to special freezers at the hotel.

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